Melissa Robinson appears in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and is the deuteragonist. She serves as the love interest for Ace. She is portrayed by Courtney Cox and later by Ann Cusack.

Ace VenturaEdit

Melissa y Roger fueron vistos siendo gritado por su jefe para encontrar copo de nieve antes del Super Bowl o el riesgo de perder sus puestos de trabajo. Teniendo mala gana a su compañero de trabajo, la sugerencia de Martha contratar Ace. Melissa comienza cuestionando sus motivos para sospechar una piedra que encontró en el tanque vacío, que se sospecha es de un anillo de campeonato de la AFC. Más tarde después de que él fue capaz de proporcionar la prueba de que su amigo y compañero de trabajo, Roger Podacter fue asesinado, Melissa se ​​calienta a Ace. Ella le informa de un hombre que pudo haber perdido en su investigación, Ray Finkle, un pateador en desgracia para los Dolphins. Sabiendo que Finkle puede ser después de Melissa siguiente después de Marino para él probar información, Ace tiene su estancia en su apartamento para protegerla.

Melissa and Roger were seen being yelled at by their boss to find Snowflake before the Super Bowl or risk losing their jobs. Reluctantly taking up her co-worker, Martha's suggestion to hire Ace. Melissa starts off questioning his motives for suspecting a stone he found in the empty tank, which he suspects is from an AFC Championship ring. Later after he was able to provide proof that her friend and co-worker, Roger Podacter was murdered, Melissa warms up to Ace, she was wrong about him and she underestimated Ace. She informs him of a man that he may have missed in his investigation, Ray Finkle, a disgraced kicker for the Dolphins. Knowing that Finkle may be after Melissa next after Marino for proving him information, Ace has her stay in his apartment to protect her.

Near the climax of the first film, Melissa holds Emilio at gunpoint and orders the Miami-Dade PD to hear Ace out. Ace begins a relationship with her.

Ace Ventura Jr.Edit

No longer working as Public Relations officer for the Miami Dolphins, Melissa settles into her new life with Ace. In the beginning, she is arrested for a crime she didn't commit. When Rex and Ace Jr. attempt to provide proof the corrupt officer dismisses them, forcing them to try to find a motive why the officer is corrupt. Although Rex suspects Dr. Sickenger, Ace Jr. suspects that his classmate, Quentin Jr., had something to do with the kidnapping of the animals with his classmates worried sick over their lost pets. His investigation leads to the release of many of the lost pets belonging to his classmates and Quentin Pennington Sr. confessing to the crime in stealing the pets just to make his son happy. Melissa is exonerated and Quentin Sr. is arrested for his crimes.

Melissa eventually reveals to Ace Jr. what happened to his father

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