Ray Finkle

Lois Einhorn/ Ray Finkle is a Lieutenant in the Miami-Dade Police Station and the main antagonist of the first movie. She is portrayed by Sean Young.

Life as Ray FinkleEdit

He was originally known as Ray Finkle, an aspiring football player who was drafted by the Miami Dolphins as their kicker. When Ace found out that he missed him in his investigation, this leads him to Finkle's hometown. While there, Ray's father, Mr. Finkle admits to Ace that he had his son sent up to Shady Acres Mental Hospital in Tampa, Florida, which the people there are still bothering them to come pick up his stuff. Although senile, Mrs. Finkle shares Ray's embitterment with Dan Marino whom he blamed for the missed field goal by leaving the laces in, rather than out that costed the Dolphins the Super Bowl and caused the entire town to turn against him. Ray's obsession with revenge against Marino pointed Ace in the direction he needed to go after seeing a film in Ray's room. While at Shady Acres, Finkle stumbled across a newspaper article about a search being called off for a missing hiker, coincidentally named Lt. Lois Einhorn, and saw an opportunity to use her identity. He then escaped from the mental hospital and possibly underwent partial sex reassignment surgery to pose as her. Finkle waited for the Dolphins to get another shot at the Super Bowl so he could enact his revenge.

Kidnapping of Snowflake and Dan MarinoEdit

Lois Einhorn

Lois Einhorn

Now as Lois Einhorn, she was able to begin her revenge on the Dolphins by kidnapping Snowflake. Who now had Finkle's old Jersey number, which she took as a personal insult. After she kidnaps Marino, Ace gives out his suspicions about Finkle, which puts Einhorn on full alert. She kisses and tries to seduce Ace, only to be stopped after what Ace thinks is Einhorn's gun digging into his hip. Soon after discovering that she is Ray Finkle. Ace then comically spends all night using a plunger to help himself throw up and cleansing himself by burning his clothes and showering over and over. Later while chewing packs and packs of gum to remove the kiss and trying to rescue Marino and Snowflake, Einhorn catches Ace and a struggle ensues in which after trying to shoot Ace, Einhorn is disarmed. When the police arrive on Einhorn's orders, she demands them to arrest Ace, but Melissa puts a stop to it by holding Emilio hostage and convinces them to hear Ace out. Einhorn orders the officers to ignore her, but the entire Miami PD decides to hear him out. Ace makes his suspicion well known about Finkle and his theory of how she was able to escape from Shady Acres and murder a missing hiker whom was actually the lieutenant herself to assume her identity by undergoing a probable partial sex reassignment surgery. When Ace points out that she is was previously Ray Finkle Lt. Einhorn denies all of the accusations and cries out, begging the officers to shoot Ace in a completely desperate attempt to continue his diabolical scheme. This leads Ace to test his theory by first pulling at Lt. Einhorn's hair, which doesn't move as it's Einhorns actual hair. The SWAT Team along with Aguado share immediate skepticism with Ace's actions, even when he now grabs Einhorn by her chest violently and rips open her blouse to reveal a pair of breasts in a grey silk bra. Breathing deeply and infuriated, Einhorn stands enraged but remains silent in possible shock and hope that the ruse will still work. Ace makes one final attempt to expose and embarrass Lt. Einhorn by ripping off her skirt and smacking her on the butt with it before tossing it away. Which leads only to more embarrassment for Ace but still fooling everyone as a few of the Miami PD now start to chuckle faintly at Ace's ineptness. Einhorn looks down at her near naked body and begins to twitch and convulse in shock as her plan unravels around him. Marino then secretly alerts Ace to look behind Einhorn which Ace does and smiles knowingly. Now with concrete proof against Einhorn, Ace makes a short humiliating speech (directed at Einhorn), while revealing to the Miami PD his true motive in killing Roger Podacter because he discovered she was a man or as Ace says ("he found Captain Winky!"). He spins Einhorn violently around to reveal her penis tucked between her buttocks in her panties for everyone to see. The whole Miami police force, Marino, and even Snowflake react in total disgust at this revelation of Einhorn's former identity as Ray Finkle, as she drops to his knees in defeat. Now humiliated and exposed, Finkle makes one last attempt to kill Ace out of revenge by lunging towards him with a piece of broken glass, but he flips her over the wharf into the water and as he tries to pull herself up, Ace forcefully steps on his hand plucking the ring containing the missing stone from his finger, and finalizing his theory that the Lt. is the disgraced Ray Finkle, who now bears a look of hopelessness and woe as his most prized and personal possession rests in the hands of his enemy. In one last insult to the already miserable and helpless Finkle, Ace turns his back to her and forcefully kicks some dirt in Finkle's face before declaring her a loser with a triumphant attitude.


The picture of Ray Finkle before the sex change was really Sean Young with a wig and a fake mustache.

If looked at closely in the Blu Ray edition with a much clearer presentation, in the video clip of "the Kick Heard Around The World" the laces appear to be in just as Finkle said, implying that Dan Marino was actually at fault and wouldn't admit to his error.

    • the laces are supposed to be out.