Ace Ventura is a 1994 Comedy film.

Plot Edit

Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) is a private investigator living in Miami, Florida, who specializes in retrieval of tame or captive animals. Despite the success of his methods, he does not receive many assignments and therefore cannot pay rent or repair his battered 1970s Chevrolet Monte Carlo. His eccentricities make him the laughingstock of the Miami-Dade Police Department.  At Joe Robbie Stadium, Snowflake (the bottlenose dolphin mascot of the Miami Dolphins) is kidnapped two weeks before the team is due to play in the Super Bowl. The Dolphins' owner Mr. Riddle (Noble Willingham) believes the team will lose the Super Bowl unless Snowflake is returned. He orders his head of operations Roger Podacter (Troy Evans) and chief publicist Melissa Robinson (Courteney Cox) to find Snowflake. Ventura is hired to solve the case and discovers his first clue in the form of a rare triangular-cut orange amber stone, which he speculates to have fallen from a 1984 AFC Championship ring. He first suspected Ronald Camp; however, his ring isn't missing a stone. Ventura then tries to find his culprit by tricking each member of the championship squad into showing their rings. Despite locating every player on his list, he is unable to locate the ring missing a stone. Melissa begins to doubt Ace until she gets a call that Podacter is dead. 

Robinson and Ventura go to Podacter's apartment to investigate. He has mysteriously fallen to his death from his private balcony. Although Lt. Lois Einhorn (Sean Young) insists it was suicide, Ventura proves it was murder by showing them a blood on the railing, and the scream which was heard by a neighbor could not have been heard if the double-paned, soundproofed glass door had been closed, which it was. Ace posits that the neighbor heard the scream from inside the apartment and the murderer threw Podacter out the window and then closed the glass door before leaving. This leave Einhorn and the police force embarrassed. While trying to find how Podacter's death is connected to Snowflake's disappearance, Melissa is impressed with Ace's detective skills and she realizes that she underestimated him. Ace becomes romantically involved with Melissa. Ace tells Melissa that she's not safe at home and she must stay with him for awhile. He learns of a former Dolphins kicker named Ray Finkle, whom he missed during his earlier investigation because Finkle was a mid-season replacement. Finkle had missed the potentially game-winning field goal kick at the end of Super Bowl XVII, causing the Dolphins to lose the game and his own career to fail.

Finkle's entire home town turned against him and his family, and the demoralized Finkle became obsessed with Dan Marino, whom he blamed for the missed kick. Ace visits Finkle's home town and he meets Finkle's parents. Mr. Finkle tells Ace that their son, Ray, was committed to a mental hospital in Tampa, which they're still bothering to come get his stuff. Mrs. Finkle reveals she shares his blame towards Marino and showed Ace her son's room. It is filled with Finkle's obsession with Marino and a home movie of Finkle missing the big kick. Ace realizes that Marino is in danger but is too late to prevent his abduction.  Having discovered Finkle's obsession with Marino, Ventura is sure Finkle is the culprit but cannot find him. Ace also believes that Finkle was the one that murdered Podacter when Podacter found out who he was. Ace figures out that Finkle wanted to get revenge on Marino, whom he believed ruined his career by holding the football "laces in" instead of "laces out" during the missed kick. He also kidnapped Snowflake because he was insulted that the Dolphins were going to have the mascot kick a halftime field goal while wearing his old #5 jersey. Finkle waited till the Dolphins get another shot at the Super Blow and then he'll get his revenge on them for firing him.

Upon telling Lt. Einhorn of his theories, Einhorn tells him that she'll be handling the investigation, then unexpectedly kisses Ace and attempts to seduce him; Ace turns her down after feeling what he believes is Einhorn's firearm digging into his hip.

Later Ace and Melissa go to the mental hospital in Tampa where Finkle was last seen eight years ago. Ace poses as a mental patient and searches Finkle's belongings, discovering a newspaper article about a missing woman coincidentally named Lois Einhorn. Ace calls Emilio (Tone Lōc), a detective friend of his, and tells him to look for clues to a relationship between Einhorn and Finkle. Emilio tells Ace that he found a love letter from the deceased Podacter in Einhorn's desk. Unable to establish any plausible connection between Finkle and Einhorn, Ventura becomes frustrated and on the verge of giving up. However when his pet yorkie lays on top of a picture of Finkle with a newspaper of Dan Marino's kidnapping, Ace sees that he has medically transitioned to live life as Einhorn. Thinking that this means he has kissed a man and that the "gun" he felt during Einhorn's seduction of him was really a penile erection, Ace spends all night cleaning his mouth and washing himself.

Super Bowl Sunday arrives, Ace follows Lt. Einhorn to a remote warehouse by the docks, and the two engage in a short struggle before all of the Miami Police force arrives to arrest Ace on Lt. Einhorn's orders. They are stopped by Melissa, who has Emilio held hostage at gunpoint and she demands that they hear Ace out. Lt. Einhorn screams at the police officers to ignore Melissa and kept claiming that Ace is behind it all and that he kidnapped Snowflake and was trying to kill Marino and her. Ace explains her motives and claims that Lt. Einhorn is actually Ray Finkle. Lt. Einhorn denies all of Ace's accusation, which leads to Ace trying to find proof of his accusations by first trying to remove the lieutenant's hair, thinking it to be a wig—it turns out to be her real hair. Next, he rips open Einhorn's blouse to find two perfect feminine breasts. In a last-ditch effort, Ace rips off her skirt, assuming there to find her penis, but instead appears the normal figure of a woman. Just as Ace is about to give up on his theory, Marino alerts Ace to a bulge he can see in Lt. Einhorn's silk panties. Ace, now with concrete proof against Einhorn, makes a short humiliating speech (directed at Einhorn) and spins her violently around to reveal Einhorn's/Finkle's huge penis and testicles tucked between her legs in her panties to the whole Miami police force. Ace reveals that Einhorn actually killed Podacter because he discovered her birth gender. The whole Miami police force, Marino, and even Snowflake react in total disgust at this revelation of Lois Einhorn's past identity as Ray Finkle, suggesting she had kissed all of them as she did Ace. In a rage, Einhorn makes one last attempt tries to kill Ace with glass breaking, causing her to be flips over into the water by Ace. Ace then finds the ring on her hand, which Ace pulls the ring off of Einhorn's finger to finalize his theory that Lois Einhorn was no doubt the disgraced Ray Finkle.

The film ends with Ace at a Dolphins game. All seems fine and Ace and Melissa share a kiss. While they kiss, Ace spots a rare $25,000 Albino pigeon he has been looking for, but the opposing team's mascot shoos it away and smarts off at Ventura. As the mascot and Ace brawl, Ace is praised by the stadium announcer and the film fades out.

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